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“Program Manager” on Windows 11! 27 Sep

Found a neat looking remake of Program Manager written in VB.Net, but it wouldn’t build so I fixed a few things and have it running. Always liked the simplicity of Program Manager and I actually used the official one for a while on Windows 8 I believe.

Here’s my fork:

Circuit bending idea? 27 Sep

Wonder if this would lend itself to circuit bending?

There seem to be a ton of cards with samples for it…. interesting stuff.

Speaking of circuit bending you know I have to link to the GOAT of circuit bending, LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER:

# I’m Mr. Meeseeks the PHP Encryption Tool, look at me! 26 Sep

Hey buddy, this utility can help you improve your golf swing!

No wait, it can help you encrypt and decrypt files!

This is a probably very insecure encryption/decryption utility written in PHP.

It creates self-extracting executable PHP scripts which contain their own archive data.

You can also use your own copy of meeseeks.php to decrypt any .meeseeks file you recieve. It will detect the special marker comment and get the data after that, ignoring the script before it.

You can verify a .meeseeks file has not been modified by comparing it to the copy in this gist. The only differences should be in the preamble explaining that it is a self extracting script. The remaining difference should be 100% BASE64 encoded data.

$ diff -l meeseeks.php meeseeks.php.meeseeks

(see meeseeks.php.diff-against.meeseeks.php.meeseeks.diff at the end of this gist for what it should look like)

The encrypted copy of meeseeks.php.meeseeks below was encrypted with this key:


You can decrypt it like this:

php ./meeseeks.php.meeseeks decrypt -k 14A9357CF652D9839BF266F4209A8E3D

(this will replace meeseeks.php if you already download it)

or using meeseeks.php (and avoiding clobbering it):

mkdir ./data
> mv ./meeseeks.php.meeseeks ./data/meeseeks.php.meeseeks
> php ./meeseeks.php decrypt -f ./data/meeseeks.php.meeseeks -k 14A9357CF652D9839BF266F4209A8E3D

Oh and please let me know how insecure this is!


DIY cat repellant idea 26 Sep

I have been trying to find a good alternative to the pretty okay Ssscat devices ( The main problem with these things is that the refills are really expensive and it kind of seems like they are discontinued (although they are pretty much always in stock, the device hasn’t recieved any updates in a very long time).

One tip I found online which I do NOT recommend is to use canned air instead of the official replacements. This does kind of work, but only if you use it in a way that is inconsistent with the labeling, so it’s not something I want to do for my cat’s health (and our own).

I have been looking into alternatives and most of them just don’t seem very effective. We’ve tried the spikes that are supposed to keep cats out of gardens, we’ve tried double sided tape. Let me tell you, this cat just walks over them like they’re cotton batting.

It occurred to me last night that the small compressors on cheap tankless airbrushes might have enough PSI to create a good burst of air, if captured in a small bladder or long enough hose and released via a 12v solenoid when a motion sensor is triggered.

The pressures involved and materials (soft plastic mostly) hopefully will make this safer than trying to refill Ssscat refills (which I’ve seen people recommend online… seems like a good way to get hurt to me).

Adding links and a gallery in a little bit.

Car head unit as a home automation control terminal? 25 Sep

I was just thinking, those double din or single DIN with slide out screen head units that are common have a touch screen, android auto integration, video input, speaker output, Bluetooth and more.

After a little googling I find this, which is about what I expected, basically attach a 12v power supply and you’re good to go.


“How to Make a Home Stereo from a Car Stereo”

This unit is currently $45 and seems to have all the above features: (also photos of it and features in the gallery)

Best part, in a way, is that many of these newer double DIN units are only ~3 inches deep (this one is 2.16”), which should fit easily in most 2×4 walls where the interior cavity is 3.5 inches.

To really make it work with home automation software such as HomeSeer (which is what I use) or whatever would obviously require some custom Android software of course. Not a huge problem, I have multiple ways to do that quickly (Delphi and B4A are my favorites). Probably also would need a dedicated Android device acting as a “server” in our network/server closet that multiple units would connect to. That may or may not be viable, if phone interaction is required for wireless Android Auto (I don’t know because ours is wired only).

So yeah, not sure how it would all play out, but there would be a lot of options for tinkering at any rate…

Weird (but kinda dope) network extender DSL thing 24 Sep

But seems really cool. I have been looking into using MoCA to make it a bit easier to terminate and run cables since RG-59 with BNC connectors is a lot easier to terminate and run than twisted pair, and the network doesn’t require homeruns or hub and spoke setup with additional hardware, just splitters (it’s basically WiFi is how I understand it).

Anyway I ran across this thing that claims to be able to extend a LAN signal 5,000 feet over two copper wires… someone said it’s “basically private DSL”. Interesting…

Tupavco TEX200 is an Ultra-speed Gigabit Ethernet Extender Kit That supports Bandwidth up to 300Mbps (Download 150 Mbps/Upload 150Mbps) providing near fiber-optic speeds on already existing phone or network infrastructure making it extremely affordable on top of its remarkable capabilities.

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